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Internal Audit Assistance

In every business risks exist that prevent the organization from realizing its goals. These risks can relate to protecting the organizations assets, but also to the incorrectness of information generated by the organization on which management bases its (corrective) actions. Management will normally introduce instructions and procedures to its employees to prevent risks from occurring or to identify these as soon as possible hereafter. An internal audit department can assist management to identify risks that are not yet (sufficiently) covered by internal controls, identify insufficient segregation of duties and/or identify procedures or that are not followed strictly by employees.

If your organization cannot find a qualified internal auditor, has an internal auditor that needs to be trained, or if the size of your operations does not allow you to employ a full-time internal auditor, our internal audit services might assist you. We are able to set-up an internal audit-plan, perform a risk assessment, carry-out internal audit review work and/or train your employees to carry-out these procedures.

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